Congratulations! You're expecting!

One of the most fun parts of planning for a new baby (or babies) is choosing the name. Everyone has an opinion, and you might need help brainstorming options. Enlisting your friends and family in a little name game can stir up excitement for your new addition, involve your loved ones in the baby prep process, and help you come up with perhaps some unexpected baby name ideas.


This site lets you poll your friends and family for their favorite baby names – for free! You can watch as the suggestions come in, imagining Junior with any combination of their ideas as his or her new name. After the birth, you’ll be able to send participants the results of your poll and let them know who, if anyone, “won” the correct name.

Here are the most suggested names at the moment:
Girl Girl Boy Boy
Emma Gonzague
Josephine Chris
Sophie Charles-Henri
Vanille Jonathon
Lucille Amaury
Lauren Léo
Marielle Christophe
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